When it comes to bikini season, there’s nothing a woman worries more about than being tagged in the most horrifying and unflattering picture of yourself in a bikini on social media. It may sound ridiculous, but once something gets uploaded onto the web, that photo of you lives forever – might as well make it good right?

To make things easier for you this summer, we pulled together some tips on how to have a picture-perfect bikini shot! Continue reading →

At Roses & Waves, we are starting our Bikini Babes to Follow series. Why? Well what’s more powerful on Instagram than hot traveling babes in fashion-forward bikinis that we can live vicariously through?  The first edition of our Bikini Babes to Follow series is our ‘Bad Ass Bikini Babes’.  These women all have that je ne sais quoi quality about them and just scream SEXY!  They are wild, fun, confident and don’t apologize for who they are. Continue reading →