Bad Ass Bikini Babes to Follow

alexis ren

At Roses & Waves, we are starting our Bikini Babes to Follow series. Why? Well what’s more powerful on Instagram than hot traveling babes in fashion-forward bikinis that we can live vicariously through?  The first edition of our Bikini Babes to Follow series is our ‘Bad Ass Bikini Babes’.  These women all have that je ne sais quoi quality about them and just scream SEXY!  They are wild, fun, confident and don’t apologize for who they are.


Alexis Ren

Alexis Ren

This California native has been the face of a variety of beachy brands for many years due to her surfer girl-next-door vibe.  Recently she has transformed into a more seductive femme-fatale by darkening her hair and posting sexier shots on her 8.8 million follower Instagram.  However, she still keeps her darling smile and fun playful vibe which makes her the ultimate babe in our books.



Meredith Mickelson

Meredith Mickelson

This girl is the ultimate all-american sex kitten.  Those seductive eyes, pouty lips and bangin bod makes her one the of most bad ass bikini babes




Jenah Yamamoto

Spending a lot of time in front of and behind the camera, this Hawaiian born babe is known for her photography of beautiful women in equally as beautiful travel locations.  She is also a blogger and artist who is based in LA with Japanese and Puerto Rican roots, need we say more?




Sam Black

This chick is a bundle of energy and has the raddest sense of humour.  She models, DJs and raps and always makes a point to get wild and laugh in any situation she’s in.



Katrina Brodsky

This LA based babe is a blogger, stylist and model and is known for her super sexy bikini photos.  She has recently launched her Keller Rose Fitness program aka the Curve Builder Workout.


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