What defines a bohemian girl?  Technically it is someone who lives and acts by a different set of conventional rules and practices.  They are artists, free spirits, creatives and original.   The Roses & Waves girl embraces freedom and creativity and we look up to the following bikini babes for their creative style and free spirit travels.  Continue reading →

Got a big event, holiday or need to be a babe on the beach in 24 hours?  Is a bloated belly cramping your style and making you want to hide under a mumu?  Well here is a step by step meal plan on how to get rid of the belly pooch within 24 hours!  And just to go above and beyond, we are also providing the ultimate lowdown on how to avoid bloating and gas on the daily. Continue reading →

Alissa Hansen is not only a beautiful ‘gazelle’ who models in her spare time but she’s also a gymnast, dancer, actor, yoga teacher and reiki healer.  This well-rounded lady is a beauty inside and out and this month’s photographer, Milan Elliott captures a bit of her heart, soul and and stunning form in the below photos.  We also caught up with her to ask her more about her career transitions, her favorite travel destinations and much more. Continue reading →

Just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver, the Roses & Waves Owner – Emily Van Elk, model – Alissa Hansen and photographer – Milan Elliott, hike down to a stunning North Vancouver location that is nothing short of feeling like you are a fairy from the magical rain forests of Avatar.  With the waterfall’s cool mist and sensual hugging water pouring down the mountain, we reflect what Roses & Waves represents and how places like this provides our inspiration everyday. Continue reading →

When it comes to bikini season, there’s nothing a woman worries more about than being tagged in the most horrifying and unflattering picture of yourself in a bikini on social media. It may sound ridiculous, but once something gets uploaded onto the web, that photo of you lives forever – might as well make it good right?

To make things easier for you this summer, we pulled together some tips on how to have a picture-perfect bikini shot! Continue reading →

At Roses & Waves, we are starting our Bikini Babes to Follow series. Why? Well what’s more powerful on Instagram than hot traveling babes in fashion-forward bikinis that we can live vicariously through?  The first edition of our Bikini Babes to Follow series is our ‘Bad Ass Bikini Babes’.  These women all have that je ne sais quoi quality about them and just scream SEXY!  They are wild, fun, confident and don’t apologize for who they are. Continue reading →