How to Pose for Bikini Photos


When it comes to bikini season, there’s nothing a woman worries more about than being tagged in the most horrifying and unflattering picture of yourself in a bikini on social media. It may sound ridiculous, but once something gets uploaded onto the web, that photo of you lives forever – might as well make it good right?

To make things easier for you this summer, we pulled together some tips on how to have a picture-perfect bikini shot!


Legs: The goal is to make your legs look as long and lean as possible. When sitting, try not to sit fully back on a chair to squish your legs down onto the chair. Instead, shift your legs off the chair and point your feet if possible. If you are standing, try to stand on your toes instead of flat on your feet. Just like face angles, sometimes there is such thing as a best leg angle. Experiment with some angles such as putting one leg crossed over the other, slightly stagger the legs, straight on with a gap in-between the legs or one foot slightly out in front of the other.


Mid-Section: The rule of thumb is basically what your mother taught you. Always sit and stand up straight! Do not hunch or lean forward. Not only will practicing this daily improve posture but it will also make you appear taller and leaner in photos.


Arms: Try not to squish your arms up against your body; otherwise you are at risk of having your arms appear much bigger than what they are! Always keep your arms off your body when posing.


Hands: Try to keep them gentle and ladylike as possible. Think ballet grace when posing; meaning no clenched fists, claws or spread out fingers.

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Face: At this point you probably know your best face angle. Stick to this angle but also pay attention to lighting. Highlighted areas such as only the nose and then shadows on the face are not flattering. Avoid sunlight or spotlights directly above your face.


Of course, the number one tip on taking a flattering swimsuit photo is to do what feels most natural and comfortable! Now go out and have fun in the sun!

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