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With On a sunny day in Sarasota, Florida, Roses & Waves met up with NFL cheerleader, Kelsey Heather of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheer squad to interview her on diet and fitness tips, her beauty and style regime, future travel plans, her favorite aspect of living in sunny Florida, and much more.  In addition, we met up with Victor Quintana, a Miami-based photographer (among other creative talents), who captured Kelsey’s light and spirit on the beautiful beach of the west coast of Florida.  Read and see the magic below.

Name: Kelsey Heather

Location: Tampa, FL

Occupation: Aesthetician

Instagram: @KelseyHeather24

Aila Blue White Waffle Cathedral Top and Ocean Bottom Kelsey Heather 1

Where are you from?
I am a Florida girl. I was born and raised in West Palm Beach. I moved to Tampa in 2006 to attend the University of South Florida and fell in love with the city. I have been living here ever since.

What does a typical day in the life of Kelsey look like?
I am constantly “on the go.” Between my day job, cheering and planning a wedding, I don’t get much free time. But I wouldn’t change it for the world. I love packing my days with non-stop activities and if I do have some time to spare, I love taking a long relaxing bath.

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How did you end up an NHL and NFL Cheerleader?
I’ve always loved performing. I was a gymnast growing up and a collegiate cheerleader for USF. When I graduated college I wasn’t quite ready to stop performing so I went on to cheer for the Tampa Bay Lightning and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s been a dream come true!

What is the best thing about being a Cheerleader?
The people you meet and confidence you gain. Being a professional cheerleader has given me the opportunity to be an ambassador in the community and meet so many influential people in the Bay Area. I loved being involved in community events, but also getting to spend the day with cancer patients and make their afternoon special. I’ve become a stronger more confident person because of cheerleading. I have my team, coaches and community to thank for that!

Kelsey Heather Aila Blue White Waffle Cathedral Top

What do you like to do on your days off?
I’m a Disney gal, so when I get the opportunity, you can often find me visiting “The Mouse” at Walt Disney World.

You obviously have a rockin bod, any fitness tips to share?
Find what works for you! I personally love group fitness training. I’m naturally a competitive person, so if I can be in a class with someone that’s going to push me past my comfort zone – that’s where I get the best results.

Kelsey Heather Stone Fox Swim Orchid Indie Top and Playa Bottom

Any diet tips to share?
Moderation is key. Find the clean eats you enjoy, but don’t punish yourself and enjoy a treat every now and then. You only live once – eat the cake 😉

What is your favorite part about being in Florida?
The weather. Seasons are great, but bikinis in December might be better.

Kelsey Heather Stone Fox Swim Storm Palma One Piece

What advice would you give a friend that has never been to Florida?
We’re a year-round vacation destination. Whether you choose to visit in May or October, the beaches will still be beautiful and pristine. Come during the non-peek seasons to enjoy lighter crowds. Personally, I enjoy the white sand beaches on the west coast.

Describe your style.
Depends on the day. Some days I love to get dolled up in a flirty dress, but other days I like a bit more edgy style with ripped jeans, booties, leather jacket and crop top.

Kelsey Heather Stone Fox Swim Storm Palma One Piece 1

Who inspires your style?
No one person in particular. My friends have such a diverse sense of style, I like to pull different looks and pieces from them.

Kelsey Heather Aila Blue Sunrise Floral Aquarius Top and Bangalow Bottom 2

What’s your can’t live without beauty products?
Makeup Forever is my go-to foundation, but I do specialize in eyelash extensions so for me the eyes draw in the most attention. You must have some killer lashes!

What kind of swimwear do you prefer?
Give me a fun print and cheeky bottom any day! I am loving the Aila Blue Aquarius Top and Bungalow Bottom in Sunrise Floral.

Aila Blue Sunrise Floral Aquarius top and bangalow bottom 1

Where has your favorite travel destination been?
Venice, Italy! It was so beautiful. The architecture and canals were truly one-of-a-kind. And who could leave out the amazing food! I would love to go back.

Where are you traveling to next?
I will be going to St. Lucia for my honeymoon!

Kelsey Heather Aila Blue Sunrise Floral Aquarius Top and Bangalow Bottom 3

What is your dream vacation destination?
I have always wanted to go to Greece! I’m planning it for 2018.

Name some items on your bucket list?
I’ve always wanted to fly down Cinderella’s castle at Disney World as Tinker Bell and be on Dancing with the Stars.

Kelsey Heather Aila Blue Black Waffle Cathedral Top and Ocean Bottom 1

What are your favorite tunes you are listening to right now?
I’m typically listening to Pandora on shuffle. It goes anywhere from pop, country, rock or even classical – I like it all.


The best piece of advice you have ever received and from who?
My parents have always taught me to search for happiness not monetary treasures. For happiness is the key to success.

Kelsey Heather Aila Blue Black Waffle Cathedral Top and Venus Bottom 1

What is your favorite quote?
“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” – Walt Disney

Kelsey Heather Aila Blue Black Waffle Cathedral Top and Ocean Bottom 2


Photography by the talented: Victor Quintana –



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