What Inspires Roses & Waves?

Just a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of downtown Vancouver, the Roses & Waves Owner – Emily Van Elk, model – Alissa Hansen and photographer – Milan Elliott, hike down to a stunning North Vancouver location that is nothing short of feeling like you are a fairy from the magical rain forests of Avatar.  With the waterfall’s cool mist and sensual hugging water pouring down the mountain, we reflect what Roses & Waves represents and how places like this provides our inspiration everyday.



Freedom, Femininity and Fun



Stylish women who wander and adventure. Women with California meets french style.



The Roses & Waves woman has a wild desire for freedom, creativity and travel.  A person who is a free-spirit and lives on their own terms.




Emily – Owner & Model – @emily.ave

Alissa – Model – @alissa.hansen

Milan – Photographer – @milan.elliott

Stay tuned to see more of Alissa on our next Roses & Babes blog feature!


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